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We are Re-Volt and we are happy you are visiting us.

We see the world as an interconnected system in which the choices that we make matter. This is why we are committed to support you in your navigation toward a meaningful, more sustainable future.

We help you to create the sustainable future you want by fully engaging the people around you in a fun and creative way.

Our mission is to connect individuals, teams and organisations to their existing strengths and build on those strengths, so that they can make their best contributions imaginable.

To make this happen, we develop bespoken-training, facilitate large scale collaborations, kick-start long term change processes and lead strategic planning processes.

We are more than ready to hear about your next project.

Shall we talk?


Our home base

Re-Volt is an active member of the Utrecht Community for Pioneers, housing dozens of organisations with one thing in common: to contribute to a more sustainable society.


Our Team

Here at Re-Volt we facilitate change.

That means that when you work with us, you become part of our team.
Our core team consists of Freek van der Pluijm, Tamar Harel, Annemarthe Wijnen & Tom Thomassen.


Our Services

All our work starts with you. We are here to support you in your training needs, to help kick-start a project you truly believe in, and to help you go from A to Z with a tailor made theory of change.

These are who we work with. And we consider ourselves the lucky ones.

We are there for teams and organizations that actually want to make a contribution to making our society more sustainable. Based on more than ten years of experience, we develop coaching and training programs, we guide workshops and meetings, and we help you to arrive at a thorough and sustainable approach to change with a clear business case.