Nice to meet you


We like to believe we are a healthy mix of unusual suspects coming together.

We are the core of Re-Volt. We often collaborate with crafted professionals, ambitious public society shapers, strategizing leaders, results-driven managers, innovative engineers and visionary scholars. We help you with your goal, your purpose, your challenge in this increasingly complex world, to create elegant sustainable interventions that lást.

Now all that is needed is to find the essence, unleash the creativity and make it stick.

What helps is our deep understanding of a variety of tools and concepts such as The Natural Step framework, Getting Things Done, Theory U, Systems Thinking, Systemic Work, Appreciative Inquiry, and many more as the years go by.


Freek van der Pluijm

With a decade of experience in the field of organisational development Freek is a well-rounded facilitator and advisor. Like a true neo-generalist he has been active in a variety of roles in- and outside of organisations (founder of an NGO; sustainability and strategy consultant; interim project manager and more). He is frequently hired as a sparring partner, catalyst, facilitator and advisor for process design and delivery and the development of theories of change. His guiding principle is to make it work -together-.


Tom Thomassen

Tom’s mission in life is to “fully engage people in a fun and creative way, while getting serious stuff done”. Tom has a special eye for the needs, drives and messages of the persons he works with. He wants to make sure that the essence and the intention of partners find their way to the right words, the right strategy and the right change. So that it connects to their purpose and impact is inevitable. His background in applied cognitive psychology, training, coaching and change management enables him to connect, help in strategizing and decision making, be efficiënt and basically just do a damn good job.


Tamar Harel

Tamar has a fascination with processes and stories. She has a background in Strategic Leadership and Sustainability. Tamar likes to develop new ways of working and studies the participation of people in complex systems. Her talent for visual thinking, graphic design and asking the right questions gives her conversation partners much clarity in their thinking and actions. She likes to help others make their story clear and concrete.


Annemarthe Wijnen

"The world is a playground and together we create the rules." With this as a guiding motto, Annemarthe gets to her work with a smile. As a user experience specialist by training and design thinker by heart she translates raw data into tailor made information for all key stakeholders involved. With Annemarthe on the team, we have a reliable map to start navigating by. And the journey itself? She'll always keep a close eye on your needs along the way.